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AP Classes Breakdown

Me and couple of my friends made a breakdown of what AP Class you should take and why. This does not cover all but will cover a good amount to give a good idea to you guys.
AP Calculus AB - This class is a course for one semester of College Calculus. If you are in a position where you have taken Pre-Calculus but knows that you are not the strongest at math, then go for it. This class is pretty slow paced. This is best for non-STEM majors.
AP Calculus BC - This class is a course worth two semesters of College Calculus. This class is basically Calc AB + 2 Units. If you are going to be a STEM major or is confident with your math skills, then this is best suited for you.
AP Statistics - This class is not very difficult, as the knowledge you really need in this class is up to Algebra 2. This class is calculator and writing/analysis heavy however, the concepts are simple and as long as you know the formulas and calculate basically probability, and write conclusions, this is a good choice. Also recommended for both non-STEM and STEM Majors.
AP U.S. Government and Politics - This class is about the history of the government structures of our country and court cases that shape our current politics. Although easy to self-study, you should be able to write an FRQ well and analyze important documents and court cases. This year's test had many mixed results, so don't think this class is SUPER easy. It's not the most difficult, but can be challenging.
AP Macroeconomics - If you have never taken a class related to economics, it may be a struggle in the beginning. However, once you learn about the basic fundamentals and principles of economics, it is not too bad. Macroeconomics is the study of the whole economic market, compared to individual stores and market of Microeconomics. You will learn about Supply and Demand and so much more. You will need to learn how to use and draw graphs and change the graphs given a different situations. It's not super difficult if you study, but the foreign exchange market (Forex market) might be the most challenging.
AP English Language and Composition - This class is basically ACT or SAT Grammar sections. If you are good at grammar and are solid at writing analytical essays, this could be your class. But remember that fire-ass sounding essays does not equal a 4 or a 5. You must follow the CollegeBoard's rubric.
AP Environmental Science - One of the easier classes to self-study and is about the ecology and health of our globe. It focuses about global climate change and factors, habitats, and so much more. If you're into environmental policies or climate change around the world, this is a class for you.
AP Psychology - This class can also be self studied. It's all term based and if you can memorize vocab very well and know how to apply them in a FRQ (on the AP Test), you will get a 4/5.
AP Computer Science A - This class is about Java Programming. A good class if interested in majoring in CS or related majors in college. If you have taken APCSP or have prior coding knowledge, you should take it. If not, but is interested, suggested to look on free tutorials on youtube. It is JAVA programming, not JS.
AP Japanese/Chinese Language and Culture - Not gonna lie if you're not fluent or study a lot you're gonna be in a big disadvantage compared to fluent people. Knowing how to write characters, read characters, speak properly, and use of correct grammar is key. This is difficult, but practice can definitely help.
AP Music Theory - If you have been playing an instrument for many years and know the note structures, scales, and other musical theory components, you should take this class.
AP US History - If you are interested in the history of our country, this is a class for you. However, there are many things covered in this class, many different periods of time. If you are a solid DBQ writer and are looking into major in History, this is a class for you. However, I heard this class is article and textbook reading heavy.
Tbh all classes can be self-studied but the best APs to self study up on the list are:
- AP Calculus AB (BC if taken AB prior)
- AP Statistics
- AP U.S. Government and Politics
- AP Environmental Science
- AP Psychology
- AP Japanese / Chinese Language and Culture (If fluent don't study lol)
There is more we have but for now this should be good. :)
PM if questions.
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